Empower the actions against climate change and foster the diversification

of global value chains, ensuring impeccable environmental and social traceability

Where we are?


HQ and Sales


Refining Facility

United States, Europa, China and Argentina

Mining extraction site

Lithium Triangle: Argentina, Chile

Lithium Triangle

Chile, Argentina and Bolivia constitute the lithium triangle, the main lithium producing region in the world, with a capacity that reaches 60% of global production.

From here, our partner ensures extraction and traceability that adheres to strict environmental and social standards, with an annual supply capacity exceeding 25,000 tons of lithium carbonate and
hydroxide, among other minerals.


Chile, Salar Atacama

7.500 hectares


Chile, Altos Andinos – Salar de Llamara

48.000 hectares


Argentina, La Rioja, Jujuy y Catamarca

240.000 hectares

Our Products

Lithium Carbonate

Battery Grade

Lithium Hydroxide

Battery Grade

Other type of minerals

Copper (Concentrate and Cathodes), Rare Earths, Fine Sands, Spodumene, etc.

Raw Materials

Lithium with Salt an resources for refineries and all kinds of rare minerals

Owned and Managed Salt Falts and Concessions

We offer our salt Flats and direct and indirect concessions for the development of strategic partnerships

Refined Resources

Lithium products refined for us in China:
Battery Grade Lithium Carbonate and Lithium Hydroxide

Lithium and its derivatives

Play a pivotal role in driving advancements in electromobility and transformative technologies, impacting not only the automotive sector but also influencing the pharmaceutical and various industrial applications.
Following lithium extraction, brine undergoes processing involving diverse chemical processes to yield high-purity lithium carbonate.
Lithium carbonate, a white, odorless salt composed of lithium, carbon, and oxygen (Li₂CO₃), finds applications across multiple industries. From powering lithium-ion batteries to contributing to ceramics, specialty glass, lubricants, and chemical compound synthesis, its versatile utility underscores its significance in shaping various cutting-edge sectors

Who we are?


Kaivos Energie, Holding of the Kaivos Group, acts globally as a platform for LCE extraction, refining and delivery of Lithium products, as Lithium Carbonate and Lithium Hydroxide, with traceability and commitment.


Manuel Troncoso

Holder of a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Las Americas, along with an MSc in Management and Direction of Environmental Projects, and an MBA in Evaluation of Open Pit Mining Projects and Underground from the esteemed IADE Institute. Additionally, possesses a Diploma in Labor Law and Civil Law for non-lawyers from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, as well as a Diploma in Business Strategies from the Faculty of Industrial Engineering of the same university.
Bringing extensive experience as a former Public Official of the Republic of Chile, secured through a rigorous public competition process, spanning over two decades in a leadership capacity. Specializing in administration and security, with notable roles including service within the Environmental Project Evaluation Department under the Vice Presidency of Codelco Chile, where contributed to the successful implementation of OTR tire recycling initiatives.
Further, served in the Environment Department of Minera Antofagasta Minerals, focusing on the evaluation of environmental projects related to industrial high-density polyethylene plastics recycling. Transitioned into commercial endeavors, assuming the role of Commercial Director at Santiago Petroleum in collaboration with NOIL Mexico, overseeing fuel and refining operations at SilOil Company in Houston and Texas, United States.
Continuing to excel in the corporate realm, currently serves as Sales Director in Chile for Energy Limited UK, a British firm championing zero-emission technologies in clean energy generation.
Pioneering entrepreneurial ventures, established Kaivos, a service provision company. Leading a multidisciplinary team with legal expertise specialized in Mining Law and Environmental assessment. Kaivos focuses on evaluating exploration, exploitation, and production options across a spectrum of minerals, including Iodine, Potassium, Nitrates, Rare Earths, Lithium, and critical minerals such as Copper.

Helmut Eichhorn

Helmut Eichhorn, an accomplished business leader, entrepreneur, and former diplomat, brings
extensive experience to his role as Director at Kaivos Energie GmbH. With a diverse career spanning multinational corporations, established firms, and public-private collaborations, Helmut has
exhibited exceptional leadership in telecommunications, IT services, energy, green hydrogen, lithium, mining, and foreign trade.
As an executive at BASF AG and ENTEL Chile, Helmut led B2B units and conducted successful
international negotiations across Latin America, North America, Europe, and Asia. He played a
crucial role in establishing subsidiaries in key markets such as the USA, Central America, and Peru, showcasing his strategic acumen.
Helmut’s entrepreneurial ventures, including Telecomdata, ELL Technologie, and Matchcom LLC,
focused on telecommunications and IT services in Chile and the USA. As Trade Commissioner of
Chile in Peru, he represented Chile’s commercial interests and facilitated the internationalization of
Chilean companies.
Currently, as a business developer and consultant, Helmut specializes in facilitating international
expansion for Latin American and European firms, particularly in renewable energies, green
hydrogen, and lithium. He champions sustainability projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions,
contributing to economic growth and global presence.

Christian Breitenstein


Master of Arts in International Relations (GMAP2014) from Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts, Medford, Boston, USA; Lawyer from Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina (1993), Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina (2005), Doctor in Philosophy from Universidad del Salvador, Argentina (2020).
General Manager of Latam In Ventum GmbH specialized in international Business Development in Trade and Energy sectors mainly in Developing Countries.
Representant from BVMW e.V: (Bundesverband Mittelständischer Wirtschaft) for Argentina and
Uruguay and Board Member of the Mittelstand Allianz Lateinamerika from the BVMW e.V., Berlin,
Germany. º
Chairman of the Board of Directors from Deutsch-Südamerikanischer Verein e.V., (German South
American Association), Munich, Germany.
Board Member of Global Partners Germany e.V., Berlin, Germany.
Coordinator Multilateral Cooperation Programme, Universidad de San Isidro, Argentina.
Christian has been Mayor of Bahia Blanca, Argentina, and Minister of Production of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina in charge of international trade relations. He is a German and Argentine citizen, married, and has been living in Munich, Germany for several years

Commercial Representatives

Roberto Oszwald

Sales Executive

Fabio Rodrigues

Sales Executive

Sebastian Ihsiang Liao

Foreign trade Executive

Future vision, present commitment

The increasing demand for these products, driven by Europe’s energy transition towards renewables, foresees exponential market growth in the coming decades.
As a company aligned with new partners, we aim to meet this demand and play a strategic role in the market.

Our Mission

Empower the actions against climate change and foster the diversification of global value chains, ensuring impeccable environmental and social traceability

Our Vision

Climate change is jeopardizing the survival of our species on the planet.
To mitigate its impact, various regions worldwide are implementing energy transition measures, aiming to increase the use of renewable energy over fossil fuels. In this context, we share and align with the United Nations Millennium Goals, the agreements arising from the Paris and Kyoto treaties, and European strategies on climate change and Critical Raw Materials Act.
Lithium and its derived products play a strategic role in supplying various value
chains, including electric vehicles, renewable energy, information technology, and mobile phones.
We aim to contribute to this global transformation by participating in the supply of this valuable material, contributing to the betterment of our planet.

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